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Edisto River Stewardship Day A Success

Edisto River Stewardship Day 2017 was based at Colleton State Park on May 13. Stewardship Day, a river cleanup, was sponsored by Friends of the Edisto (FRED) in cooperation with the Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Commission (ERCK) and Colleton State Park.

First held in 2002, the goal of the event is to increase appreciation of the river and demonstrate the impact of litter on our beautiful resource. Unfortunately the people who litter are not the ones who participate in the cleanup.

Colleton County supports the effort by placing a dumpster at the park and assisting with transport of trash collected by our volunteers.

This year FRED sponsored music and a BBQ lunch at the park. Forty-four participants helped in the cleanup of fifteen landings. Forty-four bags of trash plus a variety of other debris was collected. Unfortunately, the threat of bad weather limited the number of boaters.

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